Hell’s Kitchen: Why you should visit!

The wait is over. Gordon Ramseys Hell’s Kitchen has debuted and we have the inside scoop. The restaurant opened early this year to over 1200 reservations. Although Valentine’s day was completely booked, we were able to make a lunch reservation for a day prior.

The prestine white restaurant with floor to ceiling windows sits overlooking Las Vegas Blvd.

I want to share the entire experience,

so lets begin with service!

Service is everything when it comes to the competitive restaurant industry. How disgusting would it be to pay over $100 dollars for food with horrible service? VERY disgusting! And from the looks of it, Gordon expects the best in service and food.

The friendly host greeted us when we walked in and informed us that we will be seated at the time of our reservation. At exactly one O’clock, we were taken to our table. Seconds later, our phenomenal server James came to introduce himself and go over the menu. During our dining experience, James checked on us frequently, but wasn’t overbearing. He also didn’t mind snapping a few pictures for us here and there. The food runners and cocktail servers were exceptional. They delivered our food and drinks with a description of ingredients and a pleasant smile. Overall, service for us was great and we give it two thumbs up.

Now to the delicious stuff… The food!

Originally we decided on the infamous beef Wellington, but after discovering that we couldn’t have the beef cooked above medium rare, we decided on other options.

Fact: Beef Wellington is cooked to medium rare temperature to prevent the puff pastry from burning.

The lunch menu offers several great options for all courses.

We started with the HK Hot Wings as an appetizer. Six wings covered in the best buffalo sauce we’ve ever had. Paired with thinly sliced carrots and celery and a house made blue cheese dipping sauce. The lobster risotto was our runner up, but we’ll save that for next time.

For our main course, we had the Hell’s Kitchen burger and Brick pressed chicken. Be aware that the HK burger is made with ghost pepper pepper jack cheese that is extremely hot. If you are not one for spicy food, substitue it for a different type of cheese (or no cheese at all like me).

Fact: The Bhut Jolokia aka the Ghost Pepper is the hottest pepper in the world.


HK offers a handful of of signature cocktails which we highly recommend trying. We settled on The Pitch Fork and Meet your Maker. Due to a large party the night before, they were all out of ingredients for Notes From Gordon. Nonetheless, we were extremely satisfied with our choices. The restaurant is comprised of a full bar with a large selection of brands to choose from, so feel free to order any drink of your choice.


The Sticky Toffee Pudding is a HK favorite, so I had to see what all the rave was about. Long story short, I loved it!!! It’s served warm with speculous ice cream drizzled with caramel. I nearly ate it in its entirety, but had to control myself and box the rest for later.

If you are located in the Las Vegas area, or plan to visit, I strongly encourage you to give this restaurant a shot. Breakfast is served all day and dinner starts at 5:00pm. I suggest making a reservation via open table especially if you plan to come for dinner. If you’re lucky, you may see your favorite HK season winner, or even Gordon. Unfortunately Gordan was not present during our visit, but Season 4 winner Christina Machamer was there which was quite awesome.

Photoed in front of the restaurant

HK Hot Wings

Cocktails (left: Meet your Maker. Right: The pitch fork)

The entrees; unfortunately I didn’t get close ups of our food 😦

Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding

Our farewell photo taken by James the server


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